Exporting motor oil

Belco Motor Oil products are also available for export. They can be exported under our house label, or a completely private label. Belco is very popular in Africa, for example, where the image of our company as a family business and our service are highly valued. Only our very best products are made available for export. We do not make a slightly lower quality product available for export and distribute our highest-grade products locally. Instead, we select every product that leaves our premises with the utmost care.

International growth thanks to export

Our export activity is twofold: on the one hand, we independently export our products to around forty countries worldwide. The buyers in these countries then distribute Belco products to their own customers. On the other hand, many of our Belgian customers want to export oil products under a private label.

Backed by many years of experience and thanks to our highly competitive prices we are able to offer the best motor oil products for export. In addition, our customers can also be present when the containers are loaded.


Just as good as a leading brand
Always accessible
Close collaboration
Present during the loading process

Create your private label for export

As Belco Motor Oil has built up extensive expertise in both private label and export, we can offer as well as combine both of these activities perfectly.