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We treat every customer and handle every order with the utmost care. It may be a cliché, but quality and service are truly our greatest priority, in addition to the personal and sometimes even family ties that we build up with our customers, of course.

High-quality products

Out of the 300 products we have in stock not one comes from outside Europe. We strongly believe in the quality of European oils and, as an independent distributor, we work exclusively with refineries in Europe. None of our oil comes from Dubai, China or similar countries. Thanks to our ample storage capacity of 180,000 litres, we can always order large volumes and thus guarantee the best price-quality ratio for the highest-quality products.

Personal, ultra-fast service

We understand that, when placing their order with us, our customers are often in dire need of oil. Usually this only happens when the tank is completely empty – or almost. Don’t worry, we say! There is always a solution. We deliver within 4 to 5 days as a standard. This is twice as fast as most of the other distributors in our line of industry. And since we are a family business ourselves, we attach great value to maintaining a personal relationship with our customers. Being able to ask how the children are doing during a telephone call also gives us great satisfaction!

Do you need help in determining the right oil or need an oil analysis?

Not sure what oil your type of engine needs? It is very important to run an engine on oil that meets the highest quality standards. Let us know what type of engine you have and what you’re looking for! We will do everything we can to help you get the right products as soon as possible.

Is an oil analysis necessary for the overhaul of your engine or for your insurance? Ask us. We offer analyses at highly favourable rates.