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As the owner of a retail shop, such as a car shop, it can be interesting to offer oil products under your own name in addition to the ‘big’ oil brands. This will help you create more brand awareness, heighten your customers’ confidence in you and prevent them from buying directly from the manufacturer. This technique is called ‘private label’.

If you opt for private label there are several possibilities. You can have your own brand name and details printed on the label, or you can choose one of our brands and have your own contact details printed on the packaging. This makes it difficult to trace the origin of the product and the end customer will continue to buy from you rather than from the original manufacturer. Please note that private label is only possible from a certain volume upwards.

Why opt for a private label?

Just as good as a leading brand
More customer loyalty
Heightened brand awareness
Export possible

Export your private label

Numerous companies export oil products under a private label as our customer. This is something we can assist you with as well. We now export to some forty countries worldwide and continue to grow. As experts in the field, we can support you in private labelling and export.