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Shipping is a hard business. Everything must be done quickly and the quality must be impeccable. Let that just be two of our greatest assets: speed and quality. Our location close to the Port of Antwerp is perhaps the biggest advantage of Belco Motor Oil for shipping companies. Let us know when you are ashore and we will come by to pump the motor oil directly into your tank.

Our benefits for the shipping industry

Delivery ashore

Is your ship moored at the quay in the Port of Antwerp or are you in the neighbourhood? Let us know! We can pump the motor oil directly into your tank. Of course, you can also stop by to pick it up.

Budget-friendly oil analysis

Does your engine need to be overhauled and do you need to have the oil analysed? This doesn’t necessarily have to be done by a lab. Belco Motor Oil can have analyses carried out at a favourable rate.

Over 20 years of experience in the shipping industry

Maritime and inland shipping is a special branch of industry, but we’ve felt like a fish in the water for 20 years. We have become a permanent fixture in the Port of Antwerp and with most inland shipping companies.

The best quality

The large, expensive engines that are used in ships have to run on oil that satisfies the standards perfectly. We simply will not make any concessions to quality here, albeit at the sharpest prices.

A permanent fixture in the world of shipping

In the course of time, we at Belco Motor Oil have developed a passion and fascination for the many kinds of motor oils and greases used in shipping. It is important to us that we get to know the skippers personally and are able to respond flexibly to their demands. We aim to be a partner they can rely on.

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MS Odessa stays on course with Belco Motor Oil products

Odessa, a Belgian vessel that mainly transports containers between the Port of Antwerp and Nike Laakdal, is 196 metres long. In 2017, at the recommendation of a few fellow skippers, the crew of the Odessa asked Belco Motor Oil whether they also sold lubricating greases. Of course! We drew up a customised quotation for various products and delivered the order to the ship. In the meantime, we have been collaborating closely for several years and are a regular partner for the lubricating greases and oil.

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‘The people at Belco Motor Oil always make every effort to help us as quickly as possible. We appreciate their high-quality products and correct prices, and find the Belco team extremely flexible. And if we need greases quickly, they are delivered to the lock when needed. This allows us to save a great deal of time on our ARA route (Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam). We sail day and night, so we don’t have a fixed schedule. We can always visit Belco Motor Oil when we’re in the neighbourhood, which saves us a lot of time and therefore money!’