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About us

Belco Motor Oil was founded by the four Verhoeven brothers in 1947, shortly after the Second World War. They responded adroitly to the oil shortage and the rise of the petrochemical industry in the Port of Antwerp. The company grew steadily and the original four brothers’ sons and a nephew perpetuated their life’s work. In the meantime, more than 70 years have passed and the second and third generation are standing at the helm of the company together: grandsons Tom, Tim and Kris and their uncles Luc and Jan are the beating heart of Belco Motor Oil today.

A passion for motor oil

Their interest in the company and its products was kindled at an early age. So, it is only logical that the passion for motor oil, lubricating greases and related products is still so strong in this family. It is our ambition to continue to represent our brand and preferably enable it to grow.

Thanks to the experience we have acquired, the expertise we have built up and our long-standing relationships with manufacturers and producers, we not only have an incredible knowledge of the oil market but can also guarantee the best quality at the best prices. At our insistence, we distribute exclusively European oil and can compete with the larger leading brands in terms of quality.